13 Sins

Ugh! Sick this week so just a brief post. 13 Sins is currently available on instant Netflix

13 Sins


13 Sins (2014) – Rated R

A man agrees to appear on a game show with a $6 million prize. But as the challenges become more extreme, he realizes he’s made a grave mistake.

There are some good ideas here and a nice hook but the screenplay definitely needed more work. As with most ‘original’ ideas, several similar films arrived at about the same time. Cheap Thrills and Would You Rather? come to mind. I have not seen them (just their trailers) and I would have to suggest trying one of them or perhaps the Thai original, 13: Game of Death.

13 Sins is amusing but you will be rolling your eyes throughout much of it. They don’t play up the dark humor enough for it to be a comedy but between funny moments and eye-rolling ones, most suspense is killed.

Performances are fine for this level of film. It is nice to see Rutina Wesley in something besides True Blood (especially now that that series has finally received a stake to the heart). Mark Webber carries the film but doesn’t transform it. The creepy Pruitt Taylor Vince (Identity, True Blood) puts in an appearance as does genre stalwart Ron Perlman though neither add much to the picture.

13 Sins isn’t bad, it is a passable waste of an hour and a half. I just suspect that one of the other films covering this subject is bound to be better.


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