Goodbye Killing!

The final season of The Killing is currently available on instant Netflix (and only there).

The Killing


The Killing (2011-4) РRated TV-14

It all comes down to this: the fourth and final season of the critically acclaimed crime thriller is a six-episode Netflix original that wraps up loose ends and reveals long-buried secrets. Detectives Linden and Holder return to investigate a gruesome mass slaying that exposes a dark family history, while trying to cover up a crime they committed.

It certainly is nice that some abandoned series have found their final chapter at Netflix. Arrested Development’s final season was not as laugh out loud funny as the earlier series (“There’s always money in the banana stand”) but its Rube Goldberg plotting was a marvel to behold. The Killing is the latest series to receive a temporary reprieve.

The Killing was not really an underrated show. It had major flaws and the two leads, while quite good, certainly don’t fit the classical TV actor look. The first season ended on a cheat and I suspect this is where audiences lost interest. The series limped along for two more seasons but never reached its potential.

I would heartily recommend re-watching the final episode of season three before delving into the final season. Events pick up immediately from there. There is a new case but the ramifications of season three’s case interweave through these final six episodes.

The new case is very interesting. Joan Allen’s commander makes a very good counterpoint to Detective Linden. She is a very structured, rules-oriented person and a surrogate mother whereas Detective Linden is her usual maverick self and once again a winner of the mother of the year award.

Linden and Holder have to fight their personal demons as The Killing reaches its conclusion. This six episode arc is a worthy final season in spite of…



Unfortunately, in an effort to wrap up the series, the writers provide not only a cheap Deus Ex Machina but also a final coda that feels false. These serve to demean what would have been a very good and fitting ending if they had just left it alone.

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