FREE Movie Tickets – well, sort of

I love FREE movie tickets.

The Expendables 3


Best Buy has a display of Blu-Rays with FREE tickets to The Expendables 3 on them. Prices started at $7.99. Titles included Empire State, Ender’s Game, Escape Plan, The Expendables, The Expendables 2, Fire with Fire, Haywire, Last Stand, Red, Red 2, Redemption, Safe, Terminator/Total Recall double, Transporter 3, and a three-pack with Copland/First Blood/Lock Up.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Best Buy also had an endcap of films with FREE tickets to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Unlike other offers, these are not with the product but print on your receipt. Please also note that while Sin City is on the endcap, it does NOT generate a FREE ticket. The eclectic titles include: Battle of the Damned, The Day, Erased, The Grandmaster, Hunt to Kill, Killing Me Softly, Lawless, Maximum Conviction, Mr. Jones, Only God Forgives, The Package, Scary Movie 5, Seal Team Six, Seeking Justice, and Son of No One.

If you purchase more than one title then more than one code will print though I do not know what the limit is.



Blu-ray copies of Noah at many stores (Amazon, Target, Best Buy) have stickers that net you a FREE movie ticket to any movie.

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