Never Sleep Again with American Courtesans

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and American Courtesan are currently available on instant Netflix.

Never Sleep Again


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2010) РNot Rated

As Freddy Krueger is reborn for a new generation, it’s time to return to where it all began. Join star Heather Langenkamp for a rare journey down Elm Street, with film clips, rare photos, storyboards, and more treasures from the entire series.”

Unfortunately the only Nightmare on Elm Street movie streaming on Netflix is #2: Freddy’s Revenge, which is perhaps the worst one apart from the abominable remake. Still Never Sleep Again will satiate any rabid Elm Street fan. This thoroughly exhaustive documentary covers the entire series.

Never Sleep Again is for serious fans only as it does run almost FOUR hours long. That said, it is chockful of interviews and insights and is pretty entertaining.

American Courtesans


American Courtesans (2013) РNot Rated

Follow 11 sex workers through massage parlors, brothels, strip clubs and New York high-rises in this documentary about their choices and fears.”

I have to start this with a bit of a caveat. When I watched American Courtesans, the sound was significantly out of sync with the picture and nothing I did (mostly consisting of turning it off and then on again) managed to fix this problem. This definitely hampered my enjoyment of the film.

American Courtesans is very reminiscent of the documentary After Porn Ends, simply substituting sex workers for porn workers. Both films have extensive interviews with people experienced in their field.

Unfortunately both films have the same flaws too. Both simply let the interviewees talk in a meandering fashion without any apparent aim. Both need serious editing with a goal in mind.

American Courtesans needs serious direction. While the interviews are interesting, they don’t add up to a cohesive whole. The description says it is about 11 workers hopes and fears but it is also about some johns that they interview, workers’ home life, workers’ childhoods, and so on. In spite of the wide array of topics and interviewees, the movie is only 86 minutes long including credits.

None of the topics are discussed in any depth before we move on to someone else and none of the stories are particularly unique. I think the only thing I learned was that some sex workers who are ‘aging out’ of sex work graduate into the S&M world. American Courtesans is both a misnomer and a missed opportunity.