Bad Neighbors

Recently I had the opportunity to sit through Neighbors.



Neighbors (2014) РRated R

A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.”

Do you think maybe we’ve gone too far? I’m a child of divorce and I sympathize with them.” – “My parents love each other, and I think it’s hilarious.”¬†(one of the few printable lines in the movie)

I am not a huge fan of gross-out comedy. That does not mean I don’t enjoy it – simply that it is not one of my chosen genres. I have enjoyed a number of Seth Rogen’s forays. This was not one of those forays.

There were only a dozen or so people in the audience and often a comedy needs a good house to generate laughter. No one laughed during the entire film and it remained silent as the patrons exited. I found several of the jokes amusing but most fell very flat.

There were some nice life lessons that, had they been handled better, would have been great. As it was Mac (Seth Rogen) & Kelly’s (Rose Byrne) aging out of the college group is stated more than demonstrated. Expected hijinks ensued but nothing was terribly original nor was there any particular logic in the script. Characters were ridiculously inconsistent.

The entire movie contained less gags than the trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West.