New Netflix Streaming Releases for the Week of 5/27/14


Action/Adventure: Machete Kills

Anime: Kill La Kill

First Night

Comedy: First Night, HairBrained, Old Goats

Dear Mr. Watterson

Documentary: Dear Mr. Watterson, The Hidden Hand, The Institute, Mile…Mile and a Half, Are All Men Pedophiles?, Birth of the Living Dead, God Loves Uganda, No Woman No Cry, Superheroes, Vitality, The Source Family,

Drama: Live at the Foxes Den, The Rocket

Faith: Doonby

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Angels in Stardust

Foreign: The Wrath of Vajra, The Jewish Cardinal, Paradise: Hope, Twice Born, Pulling Strings, Big Bad Wolves

Abandoned Mine

Horror: Abandoned Mine, An American Ghost Story, Buck Wild

Television: Still more TEDTalks and new episodes of Longmire

Thriller: Berlin Job, Brake, The Suspect