DealFlicks – Deal or No Deal?



Lately I have enjoyed doing a lot of business with Dealflicks. DealFlicks is a scrappy little startup. They offer discounts on movie tickets and concessions at theaters across the country.

I say scrappy startup because not all movie theaters are included. Locally, Epic is the only theater onboard with Carolina Cinemas starting up soon. This leaves out Flat Rock Cinema, Cinebarre, Fine Arts theater, Carmike and both Regal theaters.

Also excluded appears to be Warner and Sony releases, This is often the case with those two companies and bargain tickets of any kind. This means no bargain The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Godzilla tickets.

Locally all of our bargains are a sort of 25%, which is disappointing as that isn’t enough to sell me. The ‘sort of’ is because they list Epic’s matinee price as $8 to give them a price of $6 but Epic’s actual matinee price is $7.50. Their deal with Epic does not yet include any discount at concessions.

Their system occasionally has problems communicating with the local theater though an email to their customer service department resolved my problem astonishingly fast. The other issue is that I have yet to find a way to use this in conjunction with the theater’s rewards program.

If you have a local theater they support, I would highly recommend signing up. While my experience of their deals have just been a slight discount in exchange for a bit more difficulty, they occasionally have deals where you can buy DealFlicks Bucks at a discount rate. Mother’s Day had a deal where you could buy $10 in DealBucks for $5. This allows me to buy the $6 discount ticket for $3, which is a great savings from the original $7.50.