This ‘n’ That – Netflix, Godzilla, Penny Dreadful



* Netflix put out a press release announcing the fee change of their streaming service from $7.99 to $8.99. I find this to be quite reasonable. Actually it is still remarkably cheap for what you get.

The remarkable part is that current subscribers are locked into the old rate for another TWO YEARS. Who does that?

* Netflix streaming is really pushing promos of the new season of Orange is the New Black (premieres next month). If you haven’t watched the first season, you should (unless you can’t stand profanity).



* I reported on this before but since the new Godzilla opens Thursday night, it bears repeating. Rialto Pictures has brought back the original Godzilla at a slew of big cities. Sadly nothing near Asheville but there are a lot of venues. Participating theaters can be found here.

Penny Dreadful


* Penny Dreadful recently premiered on Showtime. The pilot episode is available on Hulu. I love horror movies, particularly Victorian ones, so I couldn’t resist.

I also love Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the first two series, after that it became ridiculously esoteric). The movie version is a travesty but remains a guilty pleasure for me. Fu Manchu and several extraneous characters are dropped and two new ones are added. Dorian Gray is an excellent addition to the movie and fits in perfectly thematically. The addition of an adult Tom Sawyer who is now a sharpshooter is a boneheaded move – especially since it turns out that Quatermain is the sharpshooter, Sawyer is just along to bring the guns.

I only mention this because the three main characters in Penny Dreadful are explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (our Allan Quatermain substitute played by Timothy Dalton), the mysterious Vanessa Ives (our Mina Harker substitute played by Eva Green), and, naturally, our American sharpshooter Ethan Chandler (played by Josh Hartnett). Not only that but Dorian Gray appears in the series.

Time will tell if this series proves worthwhile or just a League ripoff.