It’s a Trap!



I just can’t resist FREE movie tickets. I received a text the other day from Carolina Cinemas, with a buy a ticket, get a ticket FREE offer. My good wife was unavailable so I decided to go catch a double feature of Lone Survivor and I, Frankenstein (I save the Oscar nominees to watch with her).

Carolina Cinemas

The forecast was for a dusting of snow. My daughter warned me that they hadn’t salted the roads yet. I thought meh, it’s just a dusting. The snow got heavier and heavier on my way in. While the snow was nothing compared to what Northerners and Midwesterners get, my old convertible fishtailed a couple of times on the way in and I’m a very careful driver.

By the time I arrived at the theater, the forecast had changed from dusting to 1-3 inches. After the first film, the forecast changed to 3-5 inches. My wife graciously offered to pick me up on her way home from work. I swallowed my pride and accepted as her new car had these fancy things called brakes.

She arrived during I, Frankenstein and they let her in the theater as they were shutting down as soon as I and the only other patron were done with our movies. We left the parking lot and descended the hill toward the traffic light. In spite of going 5 mph, we slid toward the light. Thankfully, she was able to stop before the light. I doubt my convertible would have.