All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, umm except me

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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane


All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) РRated R

Beautiful teen Mandy Lane is perfect, and all the boys want her. Badly. But when she accepts an invitation to a weekend party at a secluded ranch, the bodies begin piling up, and Mandy finds herself in a fight for her life.

One Line Review: I’m a boy and I did not love Mandy Lane.

Well they certainly hit all the taboos. Not only do the kids have sex, skinny dip, smoke marijuana and drink but they also perform oral sex, inhale nitrous, pop prescription pills, and snort coke. The film feels like an 80s slasher but not in a clever, Ti West-ish way – more like a tired, we’ve seen this before fashion.

Mandy Lane was made back in 2006 and received some critical praise, though I’m not sure why, but got stuck in marketing hell and didn’t end up released until 2012. The film is overly dark so even with a high-definition television, it is often difficult to tell what is going on. The director likes to offset this by using a washed out palette for the day scenes.

It is a bit difficult (i.e. boring) to sit through but the last ten minutes or so are pretty decent. The problem is that everything that goes before it is pretty inane and definitely by the numbers. People split up and are killed off, do stupid things (like letting someone leave with the only light source) and get killed off, are completely clueless and get killed off, etc. The violence occasionally uses firearms which makes it a little different but not up to the level of interesting.

Having this sit on the shelf for six years means that the cast has moved on. Amber Heard (Mandy) has been in several high-profile pictures from Pineapple Express to Zombieland to The Rum Diary. I can only guess that this is the reason Mandy finally saw the light of day.

The rest of the cast has also done surprisingly well. Anson Mount (Garth) is currently the star of Hell on Wheels. Michael Welch (Emmet) went on to play Mike Newton in the Twilight franchise. Whitney Able starred in Monsters and married her co-star, Scoot McNairy. Brooke Bloom (Cousin Jen) landed a recurring role on CSI: Miami.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane isn’t bad, just rather pointless and really not worth the effort for the minor payoff at the end. If you want a good horror movie that toys with the conventions of the genre, try Tucker & Dale vs. Evil or Cabin in the Woods or go back and watch Scream again.

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