Thor: The Dark World

Thor Dark World


My long-suffering wife took me to Thor: The Dark World over the weekend. We had a lot of fun although the movie was definitely a mixed bag.

* Reducing Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) from a scientist to a love-sick stalker/catalyst who is only defined by her man

* Way too many lasers and spaceships

* A rather bland villain and enemies

On the other hand, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are not only nice to look at but have good chemistry, Rene Russo gets a nice action scene, Kat Dennings provides some nice comic relief (though the best laugh by far was from a star cameo).

As with Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World is fun but not a good movie.

Be aware that there are two after-credits scenes a la The Avengers. Also if you go to the 3D version, you get a five-minute preview of Captain America.

While we were there, we got the Thor “plastic combo” – 2 large sodas in plastic cups and a large popcorn in a plastic bucket. I love this combo at Epic and try to collect each one they put out. The cups are a nice quality heavy plastic.





Also one final note on Dumas week: I forgot to mention that Thor is currently showing on Netflix. While Thor is not based on Dumas’ works, it is clear that The Three Musketeers was an inspiration for The Warriors Three (Volstagg, Fandral the Dashing, and Hogun the Grim), a fixture in Thor since the late 60s.