More New November Netflix Titles

Some more streaming goodies courtesy of Netflix.

Olympus Has Fallen

Action/Adventure: Olympus Has Fallen, Another Zero in the System, Dead Man Down, Skyfall, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Anime: Heaven’s Lost Property

Comedy: The English Teacher, Slightly Single in L.A., Computer Chess, Frank Skinner: Stand-Up, Grumpy Old Women Live, Russell Kane: Smokescreens and Castles, And Now a Word from Our Sponsors, InAPPropriate Comedy, Robot & Frank, Craig Shoemaker: Daditude

Documentary: Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel, Tar Creek, Ping Pong, Until They Are Home


Drama: Flight, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, The Lifeguard, Last Keepers, What Maisie Knew

Family: Top Cat the Movie, Lego Marvel Maximum Overload, Super Buddies

Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Host (2013), Europa Report

Foreign: Blancanieves, Aliyah, The Perfect Stranger, Veronica, City Under Siege, Better Mus’ Come


Horror: Sharknado, Zombie Massacre

Television: That 70s Show, The Devils Ride, My Hope America, and a new season of Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries