Beginning of November This ‘n’ That – Netflix, Vudu



* Netflix has started adding an intermittent banner scroll of their top choices on the main page. This is essentially the same type of banner that Hulu has.



* Sony and Vudu are partnering to bring owners of Sony films on Vudu extras like those that can be found on DVDs and Blu-Rays. The first title with these extras is District 9. If you already own the films on Vudu that have extras, you will receive the extras for FREE. This is part of their drive to promote and legitimize digital sales over physical ones.

* If you want to know where you can stream a particular movie, try Can I Stream It? They have various filters for Netflix, Redbox, Amazon and such. Do take their results with a grain of salt though as they currently list Sinister (2012) with Ethan Hawke as available with Prime and it’s not. A different Sinister movie is and some of their Disney results are wonky. Still it can be useful and the site is bound to improve.