Yet Still More September Netflixiness

For some reason, Netflix got an overload of recent titles. Sadly it is mainly dreck from Discovery and TLC:

Anime: My Bride is a Mermaid

Room 237

Documentary: Ain’t in it for my Health: Levon Helm, Family Affair, Louder than a Bomb, Love Free or Die, Room 237, The Secret Disco Revolution

Family: The Lost Medallion, Care Bears: Ups and Downs

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Upside Down

Foreign: Talaash, Ritual

Music: Madonna MDNA: Live from Miami

Television: 2012 Apocalypse, Alaska Most Extreme, Alien Planet, America’s Cutest, American Hot Rod, American Underworld, Arctic Roughnecks, Bear Attack!, Behind Bars, Bering Sea Gold, Bermuda Triangle Exposed, Big as Life: Obesity in America, Brew Masters, Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, Call of the Wildman, Carfellas, China’s Mega Dam, Combat Cash, County Jail, Croc Attack, Cruise Ship Disaster: Inside the Concordia, Desert Car Kings, Dinosaur Revolution, Dirty Money, Doomsday Bunkers, Explosions Gone Wrong, Extreme Christmas Trees, Extreme Drug Smuggling, FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, Finding Bigfoot, Four Weddings, Gang Wars, Gator Boys, Get Out Alive, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, How do They Do It?, I Was Bitten, Is It Possible?, Killer Whales, Killing Bin Laden, King Tut Unwrapped, Last Man Standing, The Little Couple, Long Island Medium, The Man Who Lost His Face, The Man with Half a Body, Mayday! Bering Sea, Mega Engineering, Megaquake: Hour that Shook Japan, Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska, Monsters Inside Me, Moose Attack, The Mortified Sessions, My 600-lb Life: Melissa’s Story, My Cat From Hell, My First Home, The Silence, Worst-Case Scenario, World’s Fattest Man, Wild Animal Repo, When Fish Attack, When Fish Attack 3, When Animals Bite Back, What Not to Wear, Weed Wars, Weird or What?, Untamed Alaska, Unleashed: K9 Broward County, Ultimate Car Build Off, Track Me if You Can, Tornado Rampage 2011, Too Cute!, The Tiniest Girl in the World, North Woods Law, On Death Row, Pig Bomb, Pit Boss, Pit Bulls & Parolees, Police Women of Dallas, Powering the Future, Rattlesnake Republic, Ragin’ Cajuns, Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, Swamp Brothers, Swamp Wars, Surviving Katrina, Sunrise Earth: Alaska, Sturgis: Motorcycle Mania, Speed of Life, Somali Pirate Takedown, Snow Men, Sinking of an Aircraft Carrier, Secrets of the Secret Service, Secrets of SEAL Team Six, and new episodes of Family Guy, Stalked: Someone’s Watching, Sister Wives, Sins & Secrets, Say Yes to the Dress, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Oddities, Nightmare Next Door, Louie, Disappeared, Dual Survival, 19 Kids and Counting, Hoarding: Buried Alive, I (Almost) Got Away With It, Cake Boss, Deadly Women, and Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

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