Blood Runs Cold

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One Line Review: Short, subtitled, senseless slasher sizzles

Blood Runs ColdBlood Runs Cold (2011) – Not rated

After retreating to the woods near her hometown for inspiration, a musician reunites with some longtime friends and a former beau, only to learn that they have company: a psychopathic killer with an ax.

I liked Blood Runs Cold. I have some trepidation in admitting that. Blood Runs Cold is subtitled which will turn some people off right away.

We are not given any background on the killer. There is no escape from a prison or release from a mental institution. The characters don’t find a secret diary or ominous picture album. The killer doesn’t even talk.

The filmmakers simply set up their premise, four friends run afoul of a psycho with an axe, and run with it. This is just a pure lean slasher with all the fat cut off. The setting (Sweden) is a gorgeous winter wonderland and the temperature during filming hovered at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blood Runs Cold knows exactly what kind of film it is and doesn’t overstay its welcome at a brief 77 minutes. It is not as good as Cold Prey but if you want a slasher and don’t mind subtitles, give it a whirl.

Pardon the brief review but my computer died over the weekend so I’m borrowing the wife’s laptop for a bit.

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