A World of Meh – Not the Ragnarok of This Earth Collection

Here are some odds and ends that failed to impress on instant Netflix.

John Hodgman: RAGNAROK (2014) – Rated TV-14

Deranged Millionaire, John Hodgman, and his infamous moustache dispense their survival guide to the Mayan apocalypse or as he’s deemed it “RAGNAROK”.  With his eccentric list of post-apocalyptic necessities, beef jerky dollars, sperm whales and mayonnaise, John Hodgman entertains the audience in the face of impending doom.

Not really a stand-up routine so much as a performance piece on the apocalypse, John Hodgman is entertaining but not much more than that. This was just a passable waste of time – definitely only for fans of his material.

Not of This Earth

Not of This Earth (1988) – Rated R

Former adult-film actress Traci Lords stars in this remake of schlockmeister Roger Corman’s 1957 tongue-in-cheek sci-fi flick. An alien from a dying world journeys to Earth and discovers the ultimate pick-me-up: human blood!”

I hardly know where to begin. The 1957 Roger Corman original was a lot of campy fun. This really isn’t a remake as very little has been changed. If you have not seen the original, you may find this to be campy fun or you may just find it stupid. I found it unnecessary.

Thanks to some very public revelations about her underage work in the porn industry, Traci Lords became a very recognizable name. She was able to trade on this cachet to become a B-list celebrity and appear in mainstream movies, something few adult stars have managed. She gives an interesting performance here but was better in Tommyknockers and the more recent Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The CollectionThe Collection (2012) – Rated R

“After escaping the dungeon of a serial killer, a man is forced to return to the house of horrors to help save a woman now in the killer’s clutches. The squad of mercenaries leading the rescue must first find their way through a maze of lethal traps.”

I have not seen The Collector. The Collection is the sequel. As a sequel, it begins by upping the body count in a somewhat interesting nightclub scene. After that, it seems to model itself after Aliens or Predators with a group of mercenaries searching through a house of death to find a missing girl. Unfortunately as the vast majority of the cast are idiots, this never reached the level of engaging. The Collection is only for gorehounds.