July This ‘n’ That

* Best Buy Upgrade & Save: Best Buy runs this promotion about every quarter or so. From 7/14-8/10, you can bring in any commercially produced non-pornographic DVD and trade it in for a $5 off any Blu-Ray $9.99 or more coupon. This is typically a great way to get those Blu-Rays that have FREE movie tickets on them. If you don’t have any DVDs to trade in, you can always hit up a dollar store for some.


* Netflix has rolled out a new PS3 suggestion engine named Max. They have fine tuned their algorithms and are tryiing out a humorous front end to get you more engaged in the process. If it works out, expect it on the iPad next followed by the Xbox and Roku. I don’t have a PS3 to try this out but I will say that for the first time ever, Netflix does not have movies I’ve already watched and rated on their service in my Top 10 suggested.

Xbox 360* As the Xbox One nears its release goal of taking over your living room, Time Warner Cable and Microsoft have come to an agreement to allow you to view 300 channels live. Is this a test run for the always live Xbox One?

* If there are any aspiring filmmakers out there, head on over to FilmmakerIQ.com for a slew of informative articles and documentaries. Try this one on the history of aspect ratios.