More Complete Wastes of Time – Unknown Croczilla Crawlspace Origin

Here are several more bad choices on Netflix. I watched them so you don’t have to.

Unknown OriginUnknown Origin (aka The Alien Within, 1995) – Rated R

A team of scientists battles a 4-million-year-old monster 10,000 feet under the ocean. Once aboard the ship, the intruder begins taking control of the crew’s minds. Soon, it’s impossible to tell whom the creature controls and who remains untouched.”

Wow! I was blown away by this film. I have seen plenty of movies lift ideas, gags, locations, and gimmicks from other, usually better, films. This was one of the few occasions where I have heard entire exchanges of dialogue ripped verbatim from other movies and used in this one.

The movie is pretty terrible and the only good dialogue in it are the exchanges lifted from The Thing and Aliens. The only reason to watch this strange low-budget remake of Leviathan is if you are a big fan of Roddy McDowall. Oh and yes, the Melanie Shatner listed in the credits is William’s daughter.

CrawlspaceCrawlspace (2012) – Not rated

When a super-secret underground military facility in Australia is attacked, the government sends in an elite squadron to rescue the workers. The mission becomes even more complicated when the soldiers encounter a beautiful amnesiac in a crawlspace.”

Crawlspace (not related to Klaus Kinski’s 1986 Crawlspace or 2013’s Crawlspace with Steven Weber) has a good central idea. Unfortunately that idea is not fleshed out very well and the entire production seems to have been made in haste. The crawlspaces are really air ducts and are used just as they are in the Alien series of films.

Aliens features a squadron of marines sent in to explore a facility that was attacked so Crawlspace is not terribly original. The first two acts are snoozers (and ripoff Aliens in other ways) but the third act goes someplace different that is interesting. Unfortunately the whole effort just ends up being meh.

CroczillaCroczilla (2012) – Rated PG-13

A rampaging two-ton crocodile with an insatiable appetite is set loose in the city. With the army on the hunt, Croczilla will terrorize innocent people while a sexy model tries to recover millions from its belly.”

Okay this is a case of a movie about a rampaging two-ton crocodile committing a cardinal sin. Croczilla isn’t bad so much as it is boring. Perhaps it is better in its original language but here it put me to sleep – and I like nature on the rampage movies.