Eight Legs. Three Dimensions. One Disaster.

Spiders (formerly Spiders 3D) is currently available on instant Netflix.

One Line Review: Spiders is not good but fun – a lot better than expected.

SpidersSpiders (2013) – Rated PG-13

When giant poisonous mutant spiders invade New York’s subway tunnels and create chaos in the city, a transit supervisor and a health inspector must keep the mammoth queen away from her eggs to prevent her from creating an army of the killer spiders.”

Okay, I am a sucker for Nature Gone Wild movies. 90% of them are just awful. At least I’ve learned that anything by Asylum I can just turn off immediately but most others I have to give a shot. Spiders has a rather no-nonsense title but I enjoyed Tarantula, Arachnophobia, and Eight Legged Freaks so why not?

Spiders is a low budget production, shot in Bulgaria. There are no slumming big name actors collecting a quick paycheck.

Hungarian-born director Tibor Takacs knows how to get his money’s worth. The opening credits play out over a plot important sequence. Events move at a frenetic pace for the first half-hour before settling in for the spider-fest. Character development is brief and to the point.

The plot is ridiculously silly but we’re never allowed to think about it for long. The American military wants to harvest silk from a mutated queen spider that was part of a Soviet experiment on a space station. The special effects are not great but are serviceable. The spiders only look sort of like spiders but they even stick in a reason for that plot-wise.

Spiders is not a good film but, if you like giant insects, it is certainly a passable waste of time.