Disney Movie Rewards, Sony Movie Rewards, and Coke Rewards

If you have children (and even if you don’t), the Disney Movie Rewards program is a no-brainer. You earn points by purchasing DVDs and Blu-Rays and entering the code inside the case into your account. You can also upload photos of your movie tickets to earn points that way as well (usually 50 points each ticket opening week and 25 after that – up to four tickets per movie). They also give you bonus points if you purchase a movie that you have previously seen in the theater. As if that wasn’t enough they often run promotions where entering your Disney code nets you a FREE movie ticket.

Monsters University* Enter the code from the Monsters, Inc or Finding Nemo DVD or any of the multi-packs of Monsters, Inc and get a FREE ticket to Monsters University. This does not cost you any of your points.

The Lone Ranger* Enter the code from Oz the Great and Powerful (ONLY the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack) and get a FREE ticket to The Lone Ranger. This does not cost any of your points.

I have found that it doesn’t take long to rack up a ton of points (unlike Sony and Coke) and they have a nice catalog of merchandise to use your points on. Also keep in mind that all the Marvel movies (Iron Man 3, Thor, Avengers) are now Disney as well.

Sony also has a rewards program. It is a much harder sell. You can earn points by buying select Sony Blu-Rays and DVDs that have inserts or by seeing Sony movies and uploading pictures of the ticket stubs. Their program is slow going (unless you have a Sony charge card) and it takes quite a while to get anything. The points used to expire after a year which was ridiculous but now they last two years (somewhat better) so you have to make sure to use them or lose them when the time comes.

Coca-Cola too has a rewards program. You can enter codes from bottle caps and 12-pack packaging. Caps are generally worth 3 points and twelve packs are worth 10. As almost anything worthwhile is over 1,000 points, it takes quite a while to earn something.