FREE July Movies at Carolina Cinemas

Time for my monthly plug of FREE movies at Carolina Cinemas.

Carolina CinemasEvery Tuesday night at 8 p.m.. the Asheville Film Society puts on a FREE classic movie in the cinema lounge. Membership is not necessary to attend.

7/2 – At Long Last Love (1975, Peter Bogdanovich) w/ Burt Reynolds and Cybil Shepherd

7/9 – Hallelujah, I’m a Bum (1933, Lewis Milestone) w/ Al Jolson

7/16 – Golddiggers of 1935 (1935, Busby Berkeley)

7/23 – Irving Berlin’s Call Me Madam (1953, Walter Lang) w/ Ethel Merman

7/30 – Popeye (1980, Robert Altman) w/ Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall


Thursday Horror Picture ShowEvery Thursday night at 8, there is a FREE horror movie in the cinema lounge. Arrive early as Ken and Justin often show a serial before the movie at ~ 7:30.

7/4 – July 4th – no showing because of the holiday

7/11 – The Church (1989, Michele Soavi)

7/18 – The Giant Gila Monster (1959, Ray Kellogg)

7/25 – The Invisible Man (1933, James Whale) w/ Claude Rains

Once a month, Ken gets a new digital print to show on one of the big screens downstairs. These shows are NOT free – they cost $7 ($5 for Asheville Film Society) and are quite worth it. Last month I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest looking better than I have ever seen it. This month:

20012001: A Space Odyssey is the latest in the Big Screen Budget series and will be shown on July 17th at 7:30. Come early as there is only one show and seats fill up fast.

Also once a month, ActionFest puts on a movie. Last month’s Hammer of the Gods was a lot of fun. This month, the ActionFest feature is on Thursday July 18th and it is…

The SummitThe Summit

Although K2 is only the second-highest peak in the world, it is renowned as the most dangerous and revered by mountaineers as their ultimate challenge. In August 2008, 18 of 24 climbers reached the summit of K2. Forty-eight hours later, 11 people were dead. What happened on that fateful day has never been resolved.”

“Utilizing found footage, interviews with survivors, and seamlessly realistic reenactments, THE SUMMIT zigzags back and forth in time, interweaving multiple narrative threads and piecing together events, hoping to solve the mystery of what actually happened on that day—the deadliest in mountain-climbing history. At the heart of the mystery is the story of Ger McDonnell, one extraordinary man who chose to risk his own life to save others. With the help of breathtaking cinematography by Robbie Ryan and Stephen O’Reilly, director Nick Ryan creates a tension-filled, experiential film that will have viewers on the edge of their seats. The Summit pits Man against Mother Nature in her most majestic and terrifying extreme.”

If this is like previous ActionFest films, there will be a donation of $10 that goes to benefit Homeward Bound and there will likely be FREE popcorn and drinks.