End of June This ‘n’ That

Amazon Prime* Woohoo! Season three of Downton Abbey is now streaming free on Amazon Prime. Knowing that it was coming we waited. Unfortunately some friends on Facebook spoiled one of the pivotal events but I’m really looking forward to watching this ASAP.

* The fight for children’s viewership has begun. Amazon Prime has exclusive rights to many Nickelodeon properties such as Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, and Blue’s Clues.

Netflix* Netflix has an exclusive deal with Dreamworks to develop new material based on their properties. First up is a series based on Turbo, an upcoming Dreamworks movie about a racing snail. Besides their own works, Dreamworks also owns the rights to Waldo, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Casper the Friendly Ghost. The Netflix Turbo series will premiere next year.

* Alert reader Tony umm alerted us to the fact that ALL Lego titles have been pulled from instant Netflix. Not sure why but may do a search later.

Hulu Plus* DirecTV is supposedly in serious talks to purchase Hulu for just a little over a billion dollars. I’m not sure what this will mean for Hulu. It would certainly be nice to get CBS on board but as long as I’m wishing – how about a freestanding HBO GO?

* I use an Xbox 360 for TV watching in the living room and a first generation Roku in the computer room. For those of you using Apple TV, it now does HBO Go and WatchESPN (still no Amazon Prime though).