Mister White Theatrical Premiere and My Daughter

Mister WhiteSunday June 23rd was the theatrical premiere for Erica Summers’ Mister White. I flew down to Florida to walk beside my daughter on the red carpet. Moira was the makeup artist for Mister White (among other jobs) and appears briefly as a student (my son-in-law Brian has a split-second cameo as a bystander). The director was even gracious enough to allow me to help the day I visited the set, thus giving me an imdb credit.

Moira - Mister WhiteMister White Red CarpetThe premiere was a wonderful success and I believe Erica filled all 300+ seats of the main Marion Theater. Erica introduced the film and thanked everyone. She called three people onstage to thank personally for their over and above the call of duty assistance. One of those was my wonderful daughter. She even (unnecessarily but incredibly graciously) thanked me and gave me one of the three latex Mister White heads used in the film. I’m not posting a picture of it as the Mister White reveal is a highlight of the film. Suffice to say that it now has a place of honor in my movie room.


After the movie, DVDs, posters, props, and Blu-Rays were sold in the lobby with cast and crew onhand for autographs. For those of you who missed out, the DVD can be purchased online. A couple hours after the film, cast and crew began saying their goodbyes and drifting off. The final remaining people (Brian, Moira, Erica, Carl (Erica’s husband), Jessica (another makeup artist), Ray, Sarsaparilla, and I) departed for a late night Denny’s run.

All in all an absolutely magical night. Kudos to everyone involved, including the extremely helpful young lady from Marion Theater whose name I didn’t catch.