Super Mid-June Netflix Updates

Lots more instant Netflix movies this week thanks to the usual mid-month flood – my recommendation is Super.

Rolling Thunder

Action: Rolling Thunder, Miami Connection, Branded

Classic: Of Human Bondage, Hell’s House


Comedy: Reggie Watts: Why $#!+ So Crazy?, Not Suitable for Children, The Love Section, Flypaper, Elf Bowling: The Movie, Super, American Wedding

Documentary: Reincarnated, Unfinished Spaces, Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream, Code of the West

Drama: Samuel Bleak, Deadline

Faith: Loving the Bad Man

Family: Lego Hero Factory: Breakout, Lego Atlantis, Lego Friends: New Girl in Town, Delhi Safari, Bionicle: Mask of Light, Bionicle 2

Foreign: Himmatwala, Totem Blue, Maria Di Nazaret, 12 Signs of Love

Silent Hill: Revelation

Horror: Silent Hill: Revelation, Blackenstein

Television: Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu, Lego Ninjago: King of Shadows

Thriller: True Nature