Altered Beast Beneath Rodentz Species

I love a good monster movie. Unfortunately these don’t fit that bill. They are however currently available on instant Netflix.


Rodentz (aka Altered Species – 2001) – Rated R

When a medical experiment goes awry, a group of lab rats develop psychic powers and turn homicidal. And one rat that gets an extra dose of the serum grows to human size and terrorizes a group of teenagers.”

Really bad with Asylum quality special effects, yet not digital. They go from using tons of tame small rats to using a man in a giant rat suit. This is hilariously bad and filled with many unlikable characters.

Beast BeneathBeast Beneath (2011) – Not rated

“A couple discovers an old map in a family heirloom music box. The map shows the location of a treasure on the former estate of a Spanish land baron, but guarding the hidden fortune is a huge netherworld creature, a terrifying, cave-dwelling beast.”

Like Rodentz but with an even smaller budget. The acting ranges from meh to truly awful. The creature is a man in a beast suit – it is not shown often as they try to tell a bit of a convoluted story with the beast being more of a side plot.