The Frozen Longmire

Well, my wife and I are still working our way through Torchwood. It is definitely not as good as the new Doctor Who and a lot more hard-edged (the two may be related) but it is quite enjoyable.

LongmireLongmire (2012) – Not rated

Based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by Craig Johnson, this contemporary crime thriller focuses on a Wyoming sheriff who’s rebuilding his life and career following the death of his wife.”

Obviously, a TV series named after the lead character means that the actor in that role had better be up to the challenge. A slightly grizzled and gravelly-voiced Robert Taylor plays the Sheriff Longmire of title. He has a nice presence – kind of Tom Selleck-lite – and is a lot of fun to watch.He is able to hold the series on his shoulders but receives ample support from the rest of the cast.

Finally Katee Sackhoff gets a good post-Battlestar Galactica role (other than her hysterical cameos on Big Bang Theory)! Lou Diamond Phillips gets better work here than he has had in a while (even if the part is small). Bailey Chase is square-jawed deputy Branch Connally, running against Longmire for sheriff while working for him.

Longmire is based on a series of novels that I have not read. The series writing is crisp and clean but could use a little more punch a la Justified. So obviously my recommendation is catch up on Justified and if you still need a fix, Longmire is enjoyable.

The FrozenThe Frozen (2012) – Rated PG-13

Stranded deep in the wintry forest after a snowmobile accident, city slickers Emma and Mike find themselves at the mercy of a creepy, silent hunter who begins to stalk them. The situation gets even more nightmarish for Emma when Mike disappears”

One-line review: Nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, explanation, the end.

I’m sorry – I love horror movies set in the winter but The Frozen is boring. Not only does nothing happen for the vast majority of the film but I found myself not caring about the characters either and there are, essentially, only two of them.

There is a germ of an interesting nugget here but the payoff is extremely tiny compared to the time invested. The key to a good movie of this type is that the story has to be good first for the ending to work. The Frozen just doesn’t have much going for it.