Some More Choices on Netflix & Arrested Development

Okay I can’t believe that you don’t want to watch the new season 4 of Arrested Development but if you don’t, here is what else is new on streaming Netflix:


Action: Jack the Giant Killer (NOT Jack the Giant-Slayer), Doomsdayer, Hijack’d (Can I buy an ‘e’, Pat?), Offender, Robin Hood: Ghost of Sherwood, Spitfire

Classic: It’s All Over Town, Miss Annie Rooney

The Dictator

Comedy: The Dictator, Carry On Cleo, Carry On Cowboy, Da Hip Hop Witch, Intern, Isn’t Life Wonderful!, It’s All Happening, It’s Never Too Late, Malibu Spring Break, Mind the Gap, National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie, Nipples & Palm Trees, Pursuit of Happiness, Strictly Sexual, Top Secret (1952), Where is Parsifal?, Wilby Wonderful

Documentary: Hitler’s Children, That Guy…Who Was in That Thing, First Circle, Heart of the King, Keep Your Eyes Open, Out Late, Step up to the Plate

Drama: Capone, In Her Skin, August, Behind the Mask, Chain Link, Death is a Woman, Emile, Everybody Says I’m Fine, Fighting Tommy Riley, Inhale, Jacked Up, Keys to Freedom, Maya, On the Ice, Perlasca, Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You, Wannabes, Yelling to the Sky


Family: The Great Bear Scare

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Dark Planet, Infection, Moonbase, Mutant Species

Foreign: Dragon (Wu Xia), The Great Magician, At the Gate of the Ghost, Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre, Drifters, Intimate Enemies, J.S. Bach: The Music, the Life, the Legend, Te Presento a Laura

Horror: Attack of the 50 ft. Cheerleader, Beast Beneath, Cherry Tree Lane, The Club, Crowsnest, Dark Fields, Darkness Falls, The Eternal, The Greenskeeper, Little Witches, The Pact, Rodentz, Sasquatch, Satanic, The Slaughterhouse Massacre


Television: Scandal, Longmire, Handy Manny, Jojo’s Circus, Special Agent Oso, 30 Days, new season of Bridezilla and, of course, Arrested Development season 4

Thriller: Among Thieves, Blackwoods, Marked for Murder, Misbegotten, Tracks of a Killer