Jay, Lars, Archer, Silent Bob, and the Real Girl Go Down Under

Yet still more odds and ends on Netflix

Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under (2012) – Not rated

“Filmmaker and comedian Kevin Smith returns with an all new special, taped in front of a sell out audience in Sydney, Australia. Joined by his infamous buddy Jason Mewes, this impromptu, uncensored hour is filled with bawdy and cautionary tales.”

Kevin Smith is a fantastic speaker with a voice as unique as his directorial vision. He discovered that people were willing to pay him phenomenal sums just to go talk. He then discovered that he could tape the proceedings and sell those as well, netting him a fortune. Generally I would say good for him – Too Fat for 40 is a fascinating talk that includes his ejection from a flight for being too fat and Burn in Hell was his best talk ever covering the making of Red State and his confrontation with the Westboro ‘Church’.

Unfortunately this appears to have made him quite lazy. Perhaps I am too old but his stoner schtick is just juvenile and the presence of lifemate Jason Mewes can only be tolerated in the tiniest of doses. I actually only got nine minutes into Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under before I was so disgusted that I turned it off.

Lars and the Real GirlLars and the Real Girl (2007) – Rated PG-13

“When a delusional loner buys a life-sized sex doll over the Internet, promptly falls in love with her and starts telling people that she’s his girlfriend, his brother and sister-in-law decide it’s time to intervene.”

“Sometimes I get so lonely I forget what day it is, and how to spell my name.”

I actually expected Lars and the Real Girl to be a raunchy romp and instead it is quite a tender-hearted comedy. I loved the directions that the story went in and the message ultimately gleaned from it. The cast is wonderful and Ryan Gosling does a great job of downplaying…well Ryan Gosling.

Lars is a charming piece of fluff and definitely worth a viewing as long as you can stand a little schmaltz.

ArcherArcher (2009-11) – TV-MA

“Sophisticated spy Archer may have the coolest gadgets, but he still has issues when it comes to dealing with his boss — who also happens to be his mother — in this wicked animated spoof of spy flicks and the sex-crazed agents who populate them.”

On the opposite end of the comedy spectrum lies Archer. I just finished watching the third season and it is hilarious. It is not however charming – the humor is sharp and raw and definitely earns its TV-MA rating. There are very intelligent humorous bits in each episode but also quite a bit of lowbrow humor. If you are easily offended or don’t like mean-spirited comedy then Archer is not for you.