The Return of ActionFest

We interrupt Special Forces week to bring you breaking news of the return of ActionFest.

ActionFest OutrageThis Friday night, April 19th, at 7 p.m., Carolina Cinemas is playing a double feature of Outrage and Beyond Outrage. There is a $10 suggested donation for Asheville’s Homeward Bound, a local charity fighting homelessness. Your $10 not only helps them but nets you a nifty Yakuza double feature by Takeshi Kitano AND a FREE Ninja Porter Pint or soda if you prefer.

Outrage played at the 2011 ActionFest and was quite good. Beyond Outrage is the just released sequel. Carolina owner Bill Banowski plans to release monthly ActionFest features to keep the brand alive until next year when, hopefully, we will see the return of a full-fledged ActionFest.

The last minute notice unfortunately means I won’t be able to attend (sadface) as I have a prior commitment. Augh! Still I’ll keep an eye out for future events which will hopefully be advertised further out than a week and a half.

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