Parker is a Dead Man Down in Oz

The Easter holiday was very good to me – swag-wise. Unfortunately you are stuck with my terrible photos as my loving wife is hard at work elsewhere.

Oz packageI won an Oz the Great and Powerful prize package from a Facebook trivia contest that Carolina Cinemas did. It includes a large Oz movie poster, an extra large Oz T-shirt (good thing as I’m extra large), a very nice Oz totebag, and an Oz notebook with a nice lenticular cover.

ParkerBefore I could go in to pick it up, Carolina Cinemas sent out a text message to subscribers (subscribing nets you a FREE promotional popcorn and you can subscribe at any time). While supplies lasted, when you showed the text while purchasing a ticket, you got a FREE spring cleaning goodie bag.

We went to see Stoker and my googie bag had an extra large Parker T-Shirt, an Oogie Loves glow wand, a Carolina Cinemas balloon, a pair of Croods 3D glasses, and a Dead Man Down martini glass

Dead Man DownJenny’s goodie bag was the same as mine except that it had an extra large Dead Man Down shirt instead of a Parker shirt.

Soooo I got two more martini glasses (for a total of four) and three more T-shirts (even though my T-shirt drawer is out of room) and all those other goodies. Pretty sweet.

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