Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Star Wars


Sorry to mislead you – I’m going to talk about Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Star Wars individually.


* Netflix intends to add a new plan for $12 that allows users to stream four shows at once (in addition to the current $8, two stream option). I can’t imagine streaming four different Netflix shows simultaneously in a single household but perhaps you have an extended family with diverse interests.

*Netflix updated their iOs app. The new interface isn’t revolutionary but is a bit slicker than the old one.

* As if it wasn’t obvious already, if Netflix were a cable network it would be the leading one. BTIG Research indicates that there are likely 28.1 million subscribers, each watching an average of 87 minutes of Netflix a day.

*Are you imagining Netflix for Google Glass? Now picture people driving with Google Glass and Netflix.

Tatooine Beach

* In just a few short months, we’ve gone from no more Star Wars movies ever to Disney’s current plan of a new Star Wars film EVERY summer starting in 2015. Between that and Star Wars land at the Disney parks, Disney got a lot of bang for their buck.

Amazon Prime* Amazon Prime users can now watch their 14 series pilots for FREE and help decide which should become a full series. There are eight comedies (including a Zombieland spinoff) and six children’s shows.