Ultraviolet and You! Tons of FREE Movies

What is Ultraviolet? From Vudu’s site:

UltraViolet is a new industry standard that allows you to store your movies securely in the cloud. It keeps a permanent record of all your movie purchases so you can build your digital movie collection safely and securely. With UltraViolet, you can now easily access your movies any time, any place on your favorite connected devices, including your TV. VUDU is the first and only company to offer thousands of titles in UltraViolet accessible across millions of VUDU-enabled devices.”


Ultraviolet is a wonderful method for storing your movies in the cloud. It has many versions but all utilize the same library of Ultraviolet titles. Wal-Mart’s brand of Ultraviolet is Vudu. Best Buy’s brand is Cinema Now. I’m not sure who is affiliated with Flixster.


If you do not already have a Vudu account, you should set one up right now. Sign up is FREE and you get to own ten FREE movies for it. Vudu is streamable on the computer, iPad or on the TV through many Blu-Ray players, an Xbox 360, a PS3, or a Roku device.

The ten FREE movies are: Away From Her, Ghost, A Knight’s Tale, Paranormal Activity, The Producers, Psycho (Van Sant remake), Rudy, So I Married an Ax Murderer, Soul Survivor, and Valentine’s Day. After signing up for the movies, you can refer-a-friend for a $3.99 credit (once they rent or purchase a movie).


Once you do this, go to Flixster. Signing up for Flixster will give you a FREE film. After that they will (probably) offer you more FREE films for creating a wish list and a few other tasks. The films I received were Pay It Forward, Matchstick Men, The Bodyguard, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. As these services are both a part of the Ultraviolet family, for the most part both sets of movies are available on both services.

Flixster is currently beta testing a disc to digital service. If you install their computer app then you can convert five of your DVDs (subject to restriction) to Flixster movies. I had to try about twenty before I got five that worked but now I no longer need those discs.

There, you now have an instant library of almost twenty movies. You are quite welcome.