R.I.P. Annette Funicello

On April 8th, everyone’s favorite mouseketeer, Annette Funicello passed away at the age of 70 from multiple sclerosis complications. Netflix has the following Annette films available for streaming:

Annette Funicello

Beach Party (1963) – Not rated

“Throw on your Hawaiian shirt and light the tiki torches for the first “Beach” flick starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. It’s summer vacation and the duo, along with their beach-bum pals, celebrate by hitting the waves and dancing to the tunes of Dick Dale and his Del-Tones. But an anthropologist (Bob Cummings) studying the teens’ mating rituals and a bungling biker (Harvey Lembeck) who abducts Annette threaten the kids’ fun in the sun.”

Bikini Beach (1964) – Not rated

“The gang from Beach Party returns in this classic 1960s romp. This time, lovebirds Dee Dee and Frankie discover that their beach hangout is about to be leveled by a millionaire landowner. Meanwhile, a British pop star pursues Dee Dee.”

Pajama Party (1964) – Not rated

“In this fourth installment of the Beach Party franchise, plans for an invasion of Earth get scrapped when Martian scout Go-Go (Tommy Kirk) ends up in the middle of a wild pajama party. With his mission aborted, Go-Go has time for earthier pursuits — including the perky Connie (Annette Funicello). Old pros Elsa Lanchester, Buster Keaton, Don Rickles and Dorothy Lamour zigzag in and out of the farcical proceedings.”

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) – Not rated

“The last of the Frankie Avalon-Annette Funicello “beach” musicals has Frankie (Avalon) scheming to keep Dee Dee (Funicello) from flirting while he’s on Navy duty in Tahiti. To that end, he enlists witch doctor Buster Keaton to conjure up a well-stuffed bikini (Beverly Adams) to lure the boys away. Eric Von Zipper (Harvey Lembeck), Bonehead (Jody McCrea) and the rest of the gang are back, with songs by the Kingsmen.”

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) – Rated G

In this campy, sci-fi comedy, deranged Dr. Goldfoot (Vincent Price) invents a machine that turns out an army of bikini-clad sirens programmed to seduce the world’s wealthiest men into signing over their fortunes. But when secret agent Craig Gamble (Frankie Avalon) discovers the evil conspiracy, he knows he must destroy the gorgeous gold diggers before losing his heart — and possibly his life — to the hottest assassins on the planet.”

Annette only has a cameo in Dr. Goldfoot.

Fireball 500 (1966) – Not rated

“Romance and racing are fast and furious for Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello and Fabian, who swap sand and surf for moonshine and asphalt in William Asher’s tire-screeching teen action flick. His trip to Daytona waylaid by bootleggers, Dave (Avalon) makes a small-town stop, where a local boy named Leander (Fabian) challenges him to a street race. Romance with Leander’s girlfriend (Funicello) and pesky feds only complicate Dave’s good clean fun.”

Farewell Annette, you will be missed.