Mini-Vacation and Movie Theater Tourism

I’m not fond of the word Staycation yet that appears to be what my wife and I will be doing over the next few days. We were going to travel a bit while our daughter and granddaughter were away but the new septic tank and drain field put the kibosh on that. Apparently discovering oil on your property while digging is good but a spring under the house, not so much.


I’ll be offline for a few days, hoping that I can at least squeeze in a quick trip to McKay’s (the Knoxville location was just remodeled and they now sell board games in addition to books, movies, music and videogames), some good times with good friends, and perhaps even use some of my FREE movie tickets.

Studio Movie Grill

My loving wife had planned to take me to two famous theaters: the Studio Movie Grille in Wheaton, Illinois and The Music Box in Chicago. This has unfortunately caused me to wonder if ‘Movie Theater Tourism’ could be a thing. As if I need a new hobby/obsession.