Last of the March Netflix Updates – Mad Men!

Yay – Fifth season of Mad Men is now streaming. Time for me to catch up on some Don Draper.

Action: A Dark Truth

Comedy: Fat Kid Rules the World, Walter Latham’s Comedy After Dark, Bachelorette, The Comedy, Gayby

Documentary: The Nine Muses, Somewhere Between, You’ve Been Trumped, Dinotasia, The Mexican Suitcase, Money and Medicine, Where the Yellowstone Goes

Drama: Keep the Lights On, The Tempest, Holy Motors, In Our Nature

Family: Vampire Dog

Tai Chi Zero

Foreign: Tai Chi Zero, Tatsumi, All Together, Alois Nebel, Tales of the Night

Hold Your Breath

Horror: Hold Your Breath, Citadel

Mad Men

Sports: Faster, Pedal-Driven, The Boxing Girls of Kabul

Television: When Strangers Click, Erasing Hate, Leapfrog: Museum of Opposite Words, Leapfrog: Adventures in Shapeville Park and new episodes of Top Gear U.K. and Mad Men (Yay!)