Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to my wonderful and oh so patient wife. Here she is aiding and abetting my action movie addiction at ActionFest (with action star Michael Jai White). Sadly there is no ActionFest this year – the ActionFest founders are taking a year off to regroup. I sure hope they will be back next year. The first three ActionFests were some of the best vacations I have ever had (There – I’ve gotten my obligatory movie news out of the way).

Marc & JennyBut I digress, this post was supposed to be about the woman who agreed oh so many decades ago to be my life partner (okay two and a fraction). She encouraged me to blog when I complained that my writing skills were getting rusty – and by encourage I mean she set up WordPress and my website for me and showed me how to use them. Because she already blogged about our personal life, I turned to my hobby, movies, for blogging. She is currently encouraging me to write my novel which I finally passed the twenty thousand word mark on (I am a glacially slow writer).

Mouse Creek FallsHere we are at Mouse Creek Falls. When we married, she had never seen mountains. After visiting The Smokies, we vacationed there as often as we could. Eventually we realized we were free to leave Florida and moved up to our vacation spot. Jenny was the driving force behind that idea.

In addition to all the love and support I could ever need, Jenny has given me gifts beyond compare, namely my two incredible daughters and through them a wonderful son-in-law and granddaughter that I love very much.

PostersShe has helped me plaster every available surface in the living room with movie posters of all sizes. For me this has turned it into my personal home theater. My youngest daughter, the make-up artist, got me a poster of her upcoming film, Mister White, signed by her and the director, Erica Summers. My eldest daughter got me a poster of The Expendables 2 signed by Chuck Norris. My treasured mother-in-law even got me an original Vincent Price poster from The Last Man on on Earth.

We aren’t actually doing much this year as we just had a septic tank replacement that spiraled out of control. Apparently it is not good to find an actual spring when digging near the house to place the tank. In spite of that I’m sure we will have a fun time. We like spending money as much as anyone but we’ve also never had a problem having fun on a budget.

She knows that I am terrible with PDAs but I just wanted to tell my wife that I love her.

Happy Anniversary Honey!