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After Porn Ends (2010) – Not rated

“Interviewing some of porn’s top stars, this documentary explores their careers and delves into their lives after leaving the adult entertainment industry, examining their adjustment to “normal” society.”

“The people who are in the industry are really broken, twisted souls without a lot of great job skills”

Warning: Obviously this documentary contains frank descriptions of sex and the sex industry. There is a fair amount of nudity but no hardcore pornography.

Okay I’m a guy. That means that I have seen porn. I’m also pushing fifty. That means I have seen a wide range of porn. Still I don’t know who many of these people are.

They do interview John Leslie who I only recognized because they put his name on screen. I remember him being a porn star before I was an adult so he must be in his sixties. I just checked imdb and discovered he ‘acted’ in over 300 movies.

That doesn’t even compare to Nina Hartley who has been in almost 600 movies! After Porn Ends list her as a Hall of Fame actress. She is in her fifties, still doing porn, and is a very interesting and intelligent interviewee.

After Porn Ends covers a wide swath of actors, male and female and a few x-rated film historians. I had no idea there was such a thing but I suppose there are experts in every possible field. The actors are from the 70s (John Leslie, Richard Pacheco) through recent times (Randy West, Crissy Moran, Houston, Raylene).

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as labiaplasty. Knowledge is half the battle.

Houston, an actress I’m not familiar with, has some very unfortunate lips. Clearly some plastic surgery has gone terribly wrong.

I found Asia Carrera to be interesting because she is half Asian. Back then they played up her exotic beauty (even of course naming her Asia Carrera) but now she seems to downplay her Asian features so she looks quite different.

Now that I’ve gotten a bunch of asides out of the way, how is the movie? Well the title is misleading. The movie appears to be about even thirds between life after porn, life during porn, and what got them into porn. My guess would be that they discovered Life After Porn = Boredom.

The interviews with the actors are fascinating but the expert interviews are a waste of time and actually detract from the movie. The movie is also very unfocused and has no idea what it wants to say.

Do not watch this thinking that it will be sexy. There are many tales of abuse, sexual and physical, and many of the actors have attempted suicide and speak frankly about the business.

So to sum up: The interviews are great but the documentary is not. Watch if you want to peek behind the porn curtain but it is hard to come away from this documentary having good feelings about porn.