More March Movies from Netflix

A lot of new movies but not much sparks my interest. If you like sports, congratulations!

Action: Heathens and Thieves, Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End, Good for Nothing, Yellow Rock, A Dangerous Place

Comedy: Nitro Circus: The Movie, Scouts Honor: Badge to the Bone, Herpes Boy, LOL, The Pill, Tony Roberts: I’m Different, Green, Tom Papa Live in New York City, Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help

Documentary: Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Cinema, Kumare, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, Runaway Slave

Drama: Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, The Dish & The Spoon, Amber Lake, Breaking News, Feel, Molly’s Girl

Family: Sophie and Sheba, Heaven’s Door

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Earthling

Foreign: Jodi Breakers, Passione, She Monkeys, 100 Years of Evil

Horror: The Frozen

Sports: Road Warriors: Baja 500, And They’re Off, Tim Tebow: On a Mission, Truth in 24 II: Every Second Counts, Game Day, WWE: The Top 100 Moments in Raw History, WWE: The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2012

Television: Squid Girl, Bomb Girls, Kipper: Tales of Adventure, Pingu: Breaks the Ice, Pingu: Introducing Pingu, Angelina Ballerina: The Big Performance, Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels and a new season of The KIlling