Zombie Lake – Nazi Zombie Week

Zombie Lake is currently available on instant Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Zombie Lake (1981) – Not Rated

During World War II, a group of villagers ambushed and defeated a band of German soldiers and threw their bodies in the nearby lake. Now, the Nazis have returned as angry zombies, preying on unsuspecting teen swimmers and skinny-dippers.”

Okay, Shock Waves had underwater Nazi zombies back in 1977. Zombie Lake was made in 1981 so it better bring something new to the table.

Zombie Lake opens with cheesy 80s soft porn music. We immediately see the idyllic lake and then a buxom young lass strolls up to a gazebo at the edge of the lake and promptly takes off her clothes. She takes off all of her clothes in this pre-bikini wax era. After some lingering in the gazebo, she stretches out on a log to sunbathe for a bit. The camera lingers in close-up gradually moving up her body. I’m beginning to feel dirty.

She wanders nude around the outside of the lake, uproots a no swimming sign, and, you guessed it, begins swimming. The swimming is clearly filmed in a pool but hey suspension of disbelief. It is not long before our anatomically correct swimmer is stalked and killed by a green one-eyed Nazi zombie in rather poor make-up.

This comprises the first six minutes of the movie. Zombie Lake is dubbed and poorly so. The near-constant softcore score is very annoying but drowns out some of the awful dialogue.

I love how a few of the villagers find the corpse of one girl and carry it through town, attracting a crowd that doesn’t ask any questions but merely follows meekly behind. The bearers dump the body at the Mayor’s porch and everyone just stands around.

Watch the hilarious scene where a German soldier is killed and we see him smear the blood on his face!

Listen as the sound drops completely out about 24 minutes in, during the flashback sex scene with the German soldier!

Cringe as the sound comes back!

Wish the sound would go away again!

Lust after the all-nude ladies basketball team as they swim in the lake!

Wonder why when there is one woman, a lone zombie attacks but when there are seven women then we get an equivalent number of zombies!

I made it all the way through the movie. Let me assure you that at no point does it get better.