Cable TV Costs What????

We got rid of cable television many, many years ago. We had the same introductory triple pack that all cable companies seem to offer ($99 for cable, internet, and phone). When that deal expired, we got rid of the phone (never used it once) and the cable (we were always watching Netflix discs). We kept internet because some things you have no choice on and you must still pay an exorbitant fee for.

Our local cable company sent out a nice brochure detailing their new pricing policies. I knew I wouldn’t sign up again but I thought I’d peruse for the humor value. I love HBO. I would love to watch Game of Thrones season three as it occurs instead of waiting until next year to buy the box set. Ditto with True Blood season five and Boardwalk Empire season three. I hear good things about HBO’s Girls too.

I love Dexter over on Showtime, even if it did jump the shark after season four. I want to see Strikeforce on Cinemax at some point and perhaps Spartacus on Starz.

Let’s see what it will take to get that:

Note: Prices are per month.

HBO is $17. I’d pay that for HBO every month. Starz is $11, Showtime is $12, and Cinemax is $11. $51 to watch all those series.

Surprise! I can’t just pay for the premium services. All premium services REQUIRE the family cable package ($59) and a digital converter.

Wait! You can’t just get the digital converter either. It comes with the digital programming package. That is $21, assuming I want the package that is NOT in HD.

Assuming I want the Big Four, I have to pay my cable company $131 each and every month (plus about $15-20 in hidden charges plus my internet). If I just want HBO and nothing else, that total drops to an inexpensive $97.

Hmmmm HBO for $97 or Netflix Streaming AND Hulu Plus together for $16. The Netflix/Hulu option leaves me $81 each and every month to buy Blu-Rays. Let me put it another way. I can get HBO OR I can get Netflix Streaming AND Hulu Plus AND rent a movie from Redbox EVERY night AND have change left over.

Although honestly Netflix provides me tens of thousands of movies (more than I can possibly watch each month) and Hulu Plus provides my family with almost every show they want to watch (except How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory).

I try to stay off my high horse but every once in a while I lose it.