Oscar Nominated Shorts 2013 – Animated

Shorts HD has released a program comprised of all the Oscar nominated shorts. Locally, only Carolina Cinemas is carrying it. At our theater, the animated and live action shorts have been combined into one epic program (three and a half hours long). Unfortunately the only time they showed the documentary shorts was Wednesday at 11 a.m. My wife had to work and I devoted my day to the Die Hard marathon at The Biltmore Grande.

The animated shorts program ran an hour and a half and showed the five nominated animated shorts as well as several worthy entries to pad out the running time.

Adam and Dog: This is a decently told story with a decent watercolor feel but not much more than that. I do not understand why this was nominated over Pixar’s La Luna or at all really.

Fresh Guacamole:  Guacamole is a visual delight that might be worthy of an Oscar but it is only two minutes long and is just about making Guacamole.

Head Over Heels: This was charming but not as charming as Paper Man. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more had I not already seen Sesame Street’s Upside Downton Abbey.

Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare: This was an excellent short that was full of wonderful Simpsons humor. I loved it BUT I did not find it inventive.

Paperman: This is my pick for the Oscar. I loved this short when it played in front of Wreck-It Ralph and I found it just as charming the second time.

My Wife’s Take: My pick(s) for best: Fresh Guacamole and Paperman.  My guess is that Paperman will take the prize, if only because Fresh Guacamole is 2 minutes of watching someone making guac.  One of the entries baffled me because it didn’t seem to be anything overly special: Adam and Dog.  The illustration was interesting (a different style than typically seen in the US) but the story wasn’t compelling.  Another case of “what if they’d done something more with this”.

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