More February Movies from Netflix

I’m not totally ignoring Netflix while concentrating on the Oscars. Try any of these fine (and not-so-fine) films that have just shown up on Netflix streaming (and yes both Broke and We’re Not Broke are now available):

I highly recommend the charming Safety Not Guaranteed.

Action: The American Astronaut, Stingray Sam, Conned, Kill ’em All, The Mooring

Comedy: Behold the Lamb, Fanny, Annie & Danny, Safety Not Guaranteed

Documentary: Undefeated, Budrus, The Fab Five, We’re Not Broke, Broke, Benji, Like Water, The Imposter (2012), Bestiaire, Side by Side, Eating with Cannibals

Drama: The Cup, Bones (no relation to the TV show), The Last Soul on a Summer Night, Hick, United 93, For Ellen, Broken Roads

Family: Girl vs. Monster

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Exodus, The Fourth Kind, Alien Dawn, Doomsday Book

Foreign: Hermano, Beyond the Steppes, Teddy Bear, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai, North Sea Texas

Horror: Bloodsucker Leads the Dance, Purification, Creep Van, Grave Encounters 2, Hollow (2013)

Music: Coldplay Live 2012

Television: Comedy Bang! Bang!, Bunk, Pirate Family, Chumballs, Contraptus, Quiz Time, Trouble with Sophie, Make Me Superhuman, Viking Apocalypse, Science of Armored Cars, Alaska State Troopers, Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations and more episodes of ESPN’s 30 for 30, Futurama (season 7!) and SEC Storied

Thriller: Night Tide, To.Get.Her, Hard-Boiled Sweets

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