Miscellaneous News – Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Redbox

* I have yet to watch Netflix’ new series, House of Cards. Netflix is now slated to produce a new animated series based on the new Dreamworks movie, Turbo. Turbo is about a racing snail.

* I’m not sure what happened to the CBS/Hulu deal but little has shown up besides long off the air series like Star Trek

* * Comcast, which owns 51% of NBC/Universal, is purchasing the other 49% from GE for 16.7 billion dollars. This gives them a 32% stake in Hulu.

* Amazon snagged exclusive rights to Downton Abbey. Season three will stream for Prime subscribers this June but if you want it now, you can purchase a season pass for relatively little (plus you will then own the episodes for cheaper than the Blu-Ray. Seasons four and five will also be Amazon exclusives.

* Amazon has also signed an exclusive for the new Stephen King series, Under the Dome. I’m unsure as to when this starts but Amazon will have access during the season.

* Redbox Instant, which I still haven’t tried, is going to be available on the Xbox 360. I guess I’ll have to give it a spin then but their movie numbers pale compared to Amazon Prime (which pales next to Netflix).

* Best Buy has apparently tired of being Amazon’s showroom and, as of March 3rd, will be price-matching all local competitors and nineteen online competitors including Amazon and NewEgg.

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