Last of the New Netflix Movies for February

Today’s update primarily involves Asian cinema. My pick would be the Spanish horror film [REC] 3 – even if you haven’t seen the first two REC movies as REC 3 is a prequel and involves none of the characters from the first two films. New for Netflix streaming:

Action: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Total Retribution, Super Cyclone

Comedy: Aziz Ansari: Deliciously Delicious, Louis C.K.:Live at the Beacon Theater, Let Go, Nature Calls, The Runway, Bindlestiffs

Documentary: The Blood of Yingzhou District, The Slanted Screen, ‘Super, Girls’, Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Drama: Nobody Walks, Stella Days, Collaborator

Foreign: Strange Circus, Schoolboy Crush, Lala Pipo: A Lot of People, Rough Cut, Er Dong, The Secret Reunion, Running Turtle, My Friend & His Wife, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Five Senses of Eros, Crying Fist, Missing, The Hotel, O Lucky Man, ‘Fine, Totally Fine’, Goodman Town, Daisy, Cafe Seoul, Lovers of Six Years, ‘Jeni, Juno’, Pavilion Salamandre, Little Moth, A Tale of Legendary Libido, Lust in Hell 2, Antardwand, Silent Souls

Horror: [REC]3: Genesis, The Haunting of Whaley House

Musical: Fruit Fly

Television: Ugesh Sarcar’s Third Degree

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