More February Films on ‘Flix

Another slate of films for instant Netflix – a fair number of them foreign. The most notable is probably John Cusack in The Raven.

Action: The Collectors and The Survival Games

Comedy: Deal of a Lifetime and Doughboys

Documentary: Biebermania!, Elvis – Summer of ’56, and Chase the Stars, 1428

Drama: Sorted, 3 Backyards, Favorite Son, Blackbird, Headhunter: The Assessment Weekend, Stellina Blue, Mona Lisa Smile, Compliance, Jack & Diane, Happy Birthday, Year of the Fix, and Amber Alert

Faith/Family: John Wooden: Values, Victory, and Peace of Mind, Owd Bob, and Mia and the Migoo

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Dark Planet and Timelock

Foreign: Tezz, Bangkok Love Story, 8000 Miles, Punch Lady, Baby and Me, Girl Scouts, and Wu Dang

Horror: Vampire Diary, Curse of the Puppet Master, The Raven (2012), The Guard Post, Stories of Appartition, and The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus

Television: Tanked and Bob the Builder: Teamwork Time!