The Golden Raspberry Awards – Worst Supporting Performances

Here are the streaming Netflix moves that feature the worst supporting performances (according to the Razzies). I’ve omitted any that I’ve discussed the last three days.

Worst Supporting Performance 1984 – Brooke Shields in a mustache in Sahara (not the Matthew McConaughey one)

“After her father dies, American heiress Dale disguises herself as a man and takes his place in a 1927 international car race through the Sahara. During the course of the event, Dale gets caught up in tribal warfare when she’s abducted by a thug.”

Worst Supporting Performance 1995 – Madonna in Four Rooms

“One mad New Year’s Eve, an overwhelmed bellboy copes with witches and diabolical children, gets caught in the middle of a sour relationship and settles a bloody bet for members of a superstar’s entourage.”

Worst Supporting Performance 2003 – Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle

“In this reboot of the TV classic, the Angels are tasked with finding a pair of missing rings encoded with the personal information of people in witness protection. As informants are bumped off, the trio targets a rogue agent who may be responsible.”

Worst Supporting Performance 2010 – Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me

“West Texas Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is harboring a dark secret. Though the small town’s residents think he’s a bit dense, Ford is, in fact, afflicted with a “sickness” that turns the mild-mannered peace officer into a brutal, psychotic killer.”