The Golden Raspberry Awards – Worst Films

The Golden Raspberry Awards – Four of the ‘winners’ of Worst Film are currently available on Netflix streaming.

Worst Film 2003Gigli

“Small-time thug Larry Gigli (Ben Affleck) kidnaps the brother of a district attorney in order to save a mob kingpin (Al Pacino) from prosecution. But when Gigli’s superior doesn’t trust him to finish the job, he sends in gorgeous lesbian Ricki (Jennifer Lopez) to assist. Gigli is at once offended by his boss’s lack of faith and infatuated with Ricki’s beauty. Despite its big-name cast, the film was considered one of the worst movies of 2003.”

Worst Film 1993 – indecent Proposal

“For one million dollars, a handsome billionaire proposes to Diana that they spend a single night together. Her husband is a cash-strapped architect who could use the cash. Will she do it?”

Worst Film 1992 – Shining Through

“New York secretary Linda Voss (Melanie Griffith) suspects that her boss, Ed Leland (Michael Douglas), is an American spy. When the United States enters World War II and Ed’s key operative in Berlin is killed, Linda convinces her boss to let her go undercover. Linda is dropped behind enemy lines to penetrate the household of a high-ranking enemy official. Will she make it out alive? Also stars Liam Neeson, John Gielgud and Joely Richardson.”

Worst Film 1990 – The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

“Comic Andrew Dice Clay stars as a private investigator trying to make sense of a rash of murders that has left a string of music-industry victims in its wake. The most recent casualty: a disc jockey with a penchant for verbal attacks.”