Last of the January Goodies from Netflix

Here’s the last slew of Netflix updates for January. Fans of Asian cinema got a mighty boost but not much else.

Comedy: Cheesecake Casserole, Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional, Budz House

Documentary: Oh, Saigon, Graham Chapman: Anatomy of a Liar

Drama: In the Dark Half, Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, A Place of One’s Own

Family: Police Patrol

Foreign: Mr. Lee vs. Mr. Lee, Adrift in Tokyo, Baby & Me, Meteor (not the disaster movie), La Visa Loca, Viva! Love, Last Scene, A Yaksa, Sad Movie, Black Night, The Man from Beijing, Time Traveller, Highway Star, Girl Scout, More Than Blue, End Call, Don, Lakshya

Television: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, XIII: The Conspiracy, Fun with Claude, and new episodes of Shark Week and Toddlers & Tiaras

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