Firefly & Serenity & Deleted Scenes

Just a quick note to all the Browncoats out there: Apparently there are some deleted scenes for Firefly. Geek Exchange has posted three of them here.If you aren’t a Browncoat, go watch Firefly and then Serenity on streaming Netflix.

Firefly (2002)

“Set almost 500 years in the future, this short-lived but much-loved sci-fi series follows the adventures of the ragtag crew of the transport spaceship Serenity, who view no job as too small, too dirty or too close to the line of illegality.”

If you haven’t seen Firefly, you should. While it can be summed up dismissively as a Western in Space, you would be missing out on a fantastic ensemble cast, great plotting, and scripts that play wonderfully with language.

Serenity (2005) – Rated PG-13

“Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the ship Serenity, picks up two fugitives from the powerful coalition ruling the universe. Mal and his mates find themselves at the center of a cosmic conflict, pursued by military forces and space-roaming savages.”

Serenity is a great film but if you have seen and enjoyed the series, it makes a fantastic denouement to an under-appreciated show.

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