Netflix Moves into the Third Dimension! (cue spooky music)

The Consumer electronics Show is currently underway so it must be time for some technical updates.

* Netflix has added some 3D titles to streaming. The catch is that your ISP has to use the Open Connect CDN and you need at least 6mbps of bandwidth (preferably 12mbps). Also you obviously need a 3D television to play this on.

* Netflix is also converting most of its movies from HD to Super HD. Both of these are 1080p so I’m not sure what the difference is other than that Super HD is supposed to be better. Their current HD requires about 5mbps with the Super needing 7mbps.

* Netflix has signed a deal with Time Warner, making them the exclusive online distributor for West Wing, Revolution, Chuck, Political Animals, Fringe, 666 Park Avenue, and Longmire.

* Netflix is also going to have personalized profiles so you can breakdown your style choices. Hopefully this will stop Netflix from suggesting dumb teen comedies to me. Now if only they would stop suggesting movies I’ve already watched and rated…

* Sometime this month CBS shows are supposed to start showing up on Hulu

* Hulu’s CEO and CTO are both stepping down.